SUPERNATURE - Friends & Family


We are so excited to welcome you as our guests toWorlds End for our inaugural
Lamb Meatball Dinner Disco Fundraiser celebrating all our good fortune
and to raise further funds for the farm to continue our work here…

You are part of our family and therefore,
always welcome at the farm anytime and free of charge in perpetuity…

Please be sure to rsvp below - especially if you plan to bring a guest.

Also, some of you have expressed the desire to help share a donation towards the cost of this gathering and the year ahead so we’ve made that available as well - to donate via venmo to Worlds End (@sarah-ryhanen) or use the button below.

See below for schedule of events, carpool signup & suggested packing list


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4pm-7pm: Arrive/set up campsite, explore farm and surroundings.

7pm: Cocktail hour (Susan’s MARTINI BAR)

8pm: Lamb-meatball dinner featuring all Worlds End lamb, so many vegetables, homemade falafel, flatbread and Worlds End signature condiments. Beer, wine and seltzer.

10pm: Disco in the big barn under the 40” disco ball.


8am-10am: Coffee/Departure 


If you are planning to drive or need a ride, please check out this carpool website and enter your email to connect with others to carpool


To Camp...

We have 20+ acres of open fields to camp in. You’ll need to bring and pitch a tent to sleep in. You can also sleep in your car if you prefer, although camping under the trees is highly encouraged.

To book a hotel close by...

Closest: Quality Inn and Suites 

Amsterdam, NY: Amsterdam Castle

Hobart, NY: Bull and Garland



Dancing shoes. Layers. Clothes to sleep in. Bug spray, if you are bothered by bugs, 

A rain slicker and waterproof boots, if the weather is going to be bad.

Camping gear: tent, sleeping situation, **flashlight**, towel for a clandestine swim (there are no showers!)



The Animals

At the center of farm life is Nea, a 14 year old dog who is retired and mostly deaf. She sleeps most of the day under one of the cars in the parking lot. If you bring a car please remember to check underneath before you drive! Giorgio is a 2 year old working border collie. He is cavalier and thinks herding people and chickens is acceptable behavior -- especially when new people visit. If he is a nuisance you can say loudly ‘LIE DOWN’ and he’ll calm down and lie down. 

We have a chicken coop with 17 laying hens and one rooster. They are curious creatures and you can shoo them away if they’re giving you unwanted attention.

We are shepherds to 20 Icelandic sheep which provide for us in wool and meat. Our two Maremmas live with them 24/7 and guard them. Pucci is friendly and Blondie is not. We recommend you visit with one of our staff so you can be introduced.

The Grounds

There are two outhouses for general use, which will be made obvious with signs and other markers.

We do not have wifi service here. 

We do get good cell phone reception (AT&T especially).

There is a pond on the upper field and any swimming is self regulated. We’ve stocked it with fish, but they probably won’t mind if you join them.

FAUNA: We do have ticks, and suggest that you check yourself before you go to bed or when you get home. It is important to remove ticks (especially deer ticks, hosts to Lyme’s Disease) within 24 hours, so it's good to check every night. If you get a bite, we can help you. This is a helpful website if you want to know more:

FLORA: We are in a poisonous plant world! Poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, and cow parsnip have all been seen on the property, mostly in woods. If you don’t know what these look like, this website is helpful, though we’ll do our best to point them out to you.


See you all soon! x Sarah & Zoë