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Professional Soapmaking

with Susan Ryhanen

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The professional class is for students interested in beginning their own soapmaking business. It will include intense instruction in the chemistry of soapmaking and include large batch making techniques.  

In addition time will be spent on the tools needed to set up a business, keep records and run it for profit.

Professional Soapmaking
Worlds End Farm, Esperance NY
October 17-20
Instructor: Susan Ryhanen


Course Objectives

Upon completion students will:

  • have an understanding of how soap is made and be able to design their own recipes

  • have experience blending essential oils to make a ‘scent blend’

  • be able to increase batch size and accommodate for the issues involved

  • know how to ‘cost’ a bar of soap, label the package and price the bar for profit

  • be familiar with a variety of markets for handmade soap and choose one for themselves

  • understand the importance of design and packaging

  • have the resources needed to locate suppliers

  • make good record keeping a priority

  • pay attention to market trends


Approach ––

This class offers a hands on approach.  Students will plan and make their own soap batches.

Large batch making will be demonstrated.

Over the 3 day period there will be lots of time for discussion and questions about small business.  In addition, students will have access to Susan by phone and email after the class ends.


Instructor ––

Susan is a former home economics teacher and librarian. She developed the ‘Saipua’ recipe for olive oil based soap and has been doing all of the production for the company  since its inception.


From a former student ––

Susan taught us everything we needed to know to immediately begin working on our soap company and the information we learned from her propelled us forward years in our business. She has an open, honest approach to teaching and is willing to share everything she has learned in all of her years in business. The time we spent with her was informative, inspiring, and honestly one of the best experiences of my life. If you’re interested in starting a soap business with a strong foundation, I couldn’t recommend a better place to begin.

Shannon Brown,



4 PM on Thursday - 12 Noon on Sunday
Capacity: 3 students

The price is $3,000 and includes lodging (private room, shared baths) at Worlds End. To inquire about a payment plan, email

Class takes place at Worlds End Farm which is located in Esperance, NY 30 miles west of Albany. Transportation to and from the farm must be arranged by the student. Use of any/all of our onsite materials, meals at the Coyote Cafe, snacks, and coffee are all included. The farm has excellent cell phone service for most networks but NO wifi.

Tickets are final sale and non-refundable. Price includes NY state sales tax.


Professional Soapmaking - 3 Day Course