SUPERNATURE – Friday, July 26

SUPERNATURE – Friday, July 26

from 111.00

SUPERNATURE is a lamb-meatball-dinner-disco at Worlds End Farm - come eat our special food, dance in our historic barn and camp overnight. (Option to stay for lunch and farm tour (includes swimming and sheep petting the following day.)

Schedule of events:

4pm-7pm: Arrive/set up campsite, explore farm and surroundings.

7pm: Cocktail hour (Susan’s MARTINI BAR)

8pm: Lamb-meatball dinner featuring all Worlds End lamb, so many vegetables, homemade falafel, flatbread and Worlds End signature condiments. Beer, wine and seltzer.

10pm: Disco in the big barn under the 40” disco ball.

Smoke, lights, magic, dinner, drinks, camping (outhouses only) and coffee in the AM and taxes all included.

Tickets are non-refundable.

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