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Immersive Study



The residency program offers the opportunity to live at Worlds End Farm and experience our strange, rich paradise.


Residencies ––

The residency is a one week farm visit. By sharing with you our flower and vegetable fields, gardens, walking paths, animals, hammocks, swimming ponds and breathtaking vistas we hope to help you unlock new patterns of creative thinking and send you back to your lives rested and full of verve. This program is geared towards: Florists (both aspiring and established), photographers, writers, painters, sculptors, cooks, gardeners, fiber artists, herbalists and anyone interested in the intersection between nature and art.


Who it’s For —

If you come to Worlds End to have access to the dream flowers we grow here and want to work on your bouquet making techniques, then I would like to offer you technical advice. If you come to Worlds End to see our farming practice first hand, we will make sure that our farmer, Meg Paska is available to discuss agricultural ideas and questions you may have. If you want to learn to sew or cook then Zoe Wonfor can be of help. If you're interested in soap making or mixing essential oils, then I'll make sure Susan is around to share her knowledge. If you want to carve out some time for yourself this autumn and give yourself an unusual retreat then I'll make sure to offer you lots of quiet time, a map of my favorite hiking trails and a bedroom that overlooks our lily pond.



Worlds End Farm which is located in Esperance, NY 30 miles west of Albany. Transportation to and from the farm must be arranged for personally. Lodging, three meals a day, flowers, use of any/all of our onsite materials, snacks, coffee and sales tax are all included. Some residents may wish to bring specific art materials. Each resident has a private bedroom, with a double bed and a desk. Shared bathrooms with indoor plumbing. Indoor/outdoor private showers. Excellent cell phone service for most networks but NO wifi. Residents arrive on Monday afternoons, are settled in and are then asked to be at dinner at 7:30pm. Subsequent meals can be requested in solitude though we typically eat together and encourage communal dining in our large barn kitchen. There are generally 6-8 of us here at any given time. 



Upon arrival, each resident will be appointed their own beautiful bedroom in our historic barn. Days will be structured around our shared farm meals which consist mainly of our own produce, eggs and meat. Each morning at breakfast we'll provide a thematic prompt to be considered throughout the course of the day and loosely discussed at subsequent meals. Every afternoon we will hold 'studio' hours where you can workshop ideas and/or physical work to be discussed and critiqued with me, Sarah, and/or the rest of our team as you see fit. Residents are on site to rest and explore their own work/creative endeavors and are not expected to do farm work; however if they wish to participate they are welcome. Residents leave by noon on the following Sunday.


Enlist for a Residency —

Sign up here for our residency program. Space is limited to four residents per week for the summer season. The $2,800 fee is inclusive of everything except transportation to World’s End Farm .

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