brown ranunculus


At SAIPUA we arrange and style flowers for all occasions. Weddings have become our specialty.

We deliver flowers in Manhattan and Brooklyn Wednesday-Saturday. To talk to us about flowers, please call our studio: 718.624.2929 or email us.


We started working with flowers in 2006. The years since have been a wild adventure… along the way we have created hundreds of events, traveled around the world discovering new flowers and floriculture, taught all sorts of people about floral design, and started growing flowers at our farm in upstate New York.

At SAIPUA we’re constantly hunting down the most hauntingly beautiful flowers we can find; whether that’s masses of Queen Anne’s Lace to decorate a back yard wedding in Brooklyn, or trucks full of olive branches and peaches on the branch to decorate an 14th century Italian castle. Events big and small, near and far — they all carry the same significance and require the same obsession with seasonality, attention to detail, and pleasure in the process.

Most of the events we design take place in NYC or the Hudson Valley, though we do work on farther flung events each year and are especially fond of and familiar with the floriculture in Vermont, Virginia, Eastern Long Island, Martha’s Vinyard, Northern California, Portland OR, Southern Italy, London and Sydney.

To discuss your upcoming wedding or event, please contact Genevieve Rainsberger.

Floral arranging classes are taught through our sister business The Little Flower School.